B&W Mechanical Contractors, Inc. holds its family of employees in the highest regard, which is why we fervently pursue SAFE practices and procedures that protect our employees health and wellbeing as well as our subcontractors, our customers and our community. B&W fully commits sufficient resources to protect and support company safety efforts including providing technical support, tools, equipment, and PPE for our employees. Each and every employee of B&W works diligently to achieve zero occupational injuries and illnesses and constantly evaluate safety performance on the platforms of individuals, on the worksites, and on the road. B&W’s Commitment to safety is realized through a systematic training, educating, managing and reporting process.

Individual Safety

Each B&W employee is accountable at the individual level first and is dedicated to promoting a positive attitude towards safety. Each B&W employee is committed to adhering to B&W’s comprehensive safety standards, ongoing training, and communications plan, as well as actively committing to participate in and supporting the advancement of our health and safety practices. Safety is the responsibility of each individual employee to achieve zero accidents resulting in a SAFE today and a SAFE tomorrow.

Worksite Safety

Every worksite that B&W performs work on must be SAFE. In the event that health or wellbeing hazards are identified on a worksite, B&W is trained to provide an engineered, safe, and prudent plan to complete the work SAFELY, without risking any person’s health or wellbeing. B&W vows to maintain clean, safe, and healthy worksites for all employees and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Fleet Safety

SAFETY is not just for the worksite. In order to get our people, tools, materials, and equipment to the worksites, B&W covers innumerable miles on the road. B&W’s fleet is always moving and facing hazardous roadway conditions. B&W executes recurrent professional driver training, a driver management program on all authorized drivers, GPS monitoring, as well as maintaining a SAFE vehicle inspection program to protect our family and yours from roadway incidents.