Complete range of  construction services

B & W Mechanical is a full service mechanical contractor based in metro Atlanta, Georgia. We excel at all types of new construction and renovations including: plan & spec, design-build, design-assist and retro-fit. Our experts regularly install commercial HVAC and Plumbing systems for improved operation and efficiency for commercial, industrial, mission critical, retail and educational installations. As a result of our longstanding relationship with UA Local 72, we are able to adjust our fully trained and skilled labor force to meet the requirements of any project, regardless of size, scope or schedule.



  • Coil connections and assemblies
  • Pump assemblies
  • Welded joints and fittings
  • Plumbing assemblies
  • Fixture assemblies

One of the most important factors to control cost and quality in the mechanical contracting industry is to have state of the art prefabrication facilities, to employ highly trained workers to operate these facilities and to provide ongoing training to these workers. B & W Mechanical Contractors, Inc is at the forefront in these endeavors.

Prefabrication maximizes the strategy of removing labor from the field and implementing as much labor as possible in a controlled environment. The benefits include increased productivity, greater quality control, shorter on site durations saving time on the project schedule, and improved overall project safety. The bottom line means lower costs for the client. B & W Mechanical Contractors, Inc has been performing prefabrication services for over 20 years

Construction Safety

B&W Mechanical is absolutely committed to our plumber’s, pipefitter’s, welder’s and service technician’s health and safety. Including our concern for your job site or facility, our primary focus is that every employee goes home healthy every day. This is manifested through methods such as our zero drug tolerance policy, continuing education and awareness classes, vehicle GPS systems that monitor speed, 100% compliance with OSHA standards, project specific safety program manuals, and NFPA 70E’s Arc Flash standards and implementation.

From the vans and trucks we drive, to the tools we work with, to the uniforms we wear, every effort is made to keep our workers and your facility or job site safe and without incident. Our Company Safety Officer is also OSHA 500 certified.

BIM – Building Information Modeling

B&W Mechanical Contractors has been producing 3D coordination drawings for more than a decade. Prior to the implementation of the BIM process, we produced 3D drawings in areas that were particularly congested and needed a higher level of coordination.

B&W Mechanical Contractors has been utilizing the BIM process since 2007. Since then, our project coordinators have completed more than 2.5 million sqft of BIM coordination drawings. We utilize AutoCad MEP 2010 and Navisworks. We have built an extensive library of not only the mechanical and plumbing pipe, valves, and fittings, but also HVAC and plumbing equipment and fixtures. This library enables us to produce the most accurate reflection of what is actually being installed in the field.

B&W Mechanical Contractors utilizes the BIM process during the preconstruction, construction, commissioning, and closeout phases of projects; project delivery method dependent.

Submittal Party

The Expedited MEP Submittal Review is an intensive, fast-paced, comprehensive, and coordinated review of product submittal data by all appropriate design and construction participants.

The goal of the “MEP Submittal Party” is to review, process, and approve all MEP equipment submittals over a 3 to 5 day time frame (project dependent) in order to allow each of the subcontractors to immediately proceed with equipment procurement and begin the work on the “contractors coordination drawings”. This concentrated approach should significantly reduce the time and effort normally required to process submittals. In addition, this dialogue between all interested parties provides for a better understanding of earlier project design decisions and allows for resolution of preliminary coordination issues. This review format provides direct feedback to the subcontractors and manufacturer representatives on contract document requirements, thus allowing submittals, in most instances, to be revised as necessary on the spot.

Construction Staging, Delivery and Management

When the project is ready, a list of equipment and the required submittal manufacturing and shipping time required will be accumulated from this equipment list and the scheduled items will be identified that need to be purchased early to ensure that delivery will be timely to minimize the cost of the construction. In a coordinated effort with the delivery scheduling, the construction staging plan will stage each area of the construction and equipment deliveries to maximize the efficiency on site and minimize stored material and clutter in what will become a very congested construction site. This coordination of deliveries and construction staging plans will then fold into a site management plan which would lay out site offices, site storage and the use of space on the site. This site management plan would be developed with each member of the construction team to provide the most efficient overall site management for the entire team.

Quality Control | Quality Assurance


The vision of B&W Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Quality Department is to facilitate formation of teams comprised of Owners, Architects, Engineers, B&W employees, Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Independent Testers whose ability to add quality into construction projects continuously improves.


The mission of B&W Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Quality Department is to monitor that quality objectives for projects are achieved and supply upper management with accurate information concerning the quality status of each construction project

Commissioning & Turnover

From the inception of a project B & W Mechanical is planning commissioning and closeout. When our project team holds its 2-3 day preplanning session, the job is pre-planned from the end to the beginning, rather than from the beginning to the end. This not only includes schedule, but also notices, as-builts, owner training, operation and maintenance manuals, and warranty.

During the project pre-planning session a commissioning checklist for this specific project is developed. It includes all equipment and systems testing required by the specifications as well as start up for each individual piece of equipment and all control points. Once commissioning begins, the checklist will be utilized and each system will be methodically checked out. A commissioning log and report will be maintained on the job site. It will include start-up reports from equipment manufacturers, pump alignment verification, and point by point controls listing and verification, and all service call information on any equipment which requires repair before final completion.