B & W Mechanical provides a complete range of service & maintenance for your facilities. Our trained technicians are highly skilled, have many years of experience and provide complete factory support to successfully maintain the most complex mechanical systems. Our customizable planned maintenance services include inspections, maintenance, calibration, testing, adjustments, lubrication and exceed all manufacturers recommendations.  Our corrective maintenance services include troubleshooting, parts repair/replacement and root failure analysis when required.   We also install new equipment & systems for our clients who are upgrading or retrofitting their facilities.

Our planned maintenance programs offer our clients the benefits of minimizing unscheduled repairs and downtime, reducing operating expenses and extending the life of their equipment. Our contract clients receive the peace of mind of knowing our technicians can support them 24-7/ 365 in an emergency situation.

We provide our customers with the latest technology applications available in our industry to ensure the best value to our clients. Our automated field service management software offers our clients immediate user-friendly web-access to their equipment maintenance data.  This data includes repairs/maintenance histories and associated costs on each piece of equipment that B & W maintains.  Our technicians also have access to this information to enhance our ability to make the necessary repair accurately and efficiently.


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Some of the equipment we specialize in
maintaining and servicing include the following:


  • Packaged and split heating and air conditioning units
    • Traditional ducted and modern ductless air units.
  • Process heating and cooling systems
    • Any mechanical method of heat exchange/rejection.
  • Medium and low temp systems
    • Reach-in and walk-in coolers and freezers.
  • Cooling Towers
    • Sumps, fill, baffles, support, transmissions, piping and controls.
  • Pumps
    • Circulation, building hot, chilled or condenser water, condensate or supply, domestic booster systems, multi-staged, liquid or air.
  • Heat Exchangers and Economizers
    • Plate and frame, tube and shell, air or water side economizers.
  • Chillers
    • Air or water cooled; centrifugal, reciprocation, scroll, or screw compressors; modular, racked, or unitary.
  • Boilers
    • High and low pressure steam, atmospheric, condensing, oil fired, natural gas fired, or electric.
    • Steam and condensate piping, controls, accessories and safeties.
  • Hydronic piped systems
    • Hydrocumulators, expansion tanks, separators, aerators, and pressure vessels.
  • Filtration
    • Air and water filtration, screening, and treatment.
  • Environmental Control
    • Humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ultraviolet light filtration and purifiers.
  • Air Handlers
    • Unitary, fan coils, variable and constant volume, 100% outside air, heat recovery; steam, hot water, chilled water, DX – air cooled or SWUD.
  • Fans
    • Pressurization, recovery, ventilation, outside air make-up, exhaust and evacuation, air turn over units; centrifugal, inline, prop, vane-axial, multiple or variable speed.
  • Controls
    • Stand alone, independent, factory installed and building automation systems.
    • Variable frequency drives, direct current motor speed controllers.
    • Air compressors, dryers, all pneumatic devices, switches, and controllers.






Take a look at what are clients are saying below!

Wow – That was quick!

Meiyen K. Association - Manager
The B & W team had been on site all night, the night before, but after an unexpected emergency, they continued to work around the clock to save our building. I cannot express my gratitude for their assistance and professionalism during this crisis. Your team is top notch and they really know their business. I am grateful to have them working with us.

Mike H. - Engineering Manager
Your technician always does a great job when on site and it is a pleasure working with him.

Jim. A. Critical - Facilities Manager
I wanted to thank you personally for your team’s efforts yesterday in containing and huge mess and for working through the night to get everything back online. They wasted no time securing the pumps and valves to stop the leaks and helped us in restoring service back to our property. You have an excellent group of individuals working with you and they are truly noteworthy.

Mike H. - Engineering Manager
B & W’s technician is awesome.

Jeff C. - Controller
Your technician is very valuable and helps our systems operate better than ever and I am no longer worried about unexpected failures.

Ben D. - Director of Data Centers
Whatever B & W did yesterday worked. The a/c was blissfully quiet last night Thanks Again

Jennifer Brookwood Park
Your technician was right on time, kept me updated during the process, he even explained why and how the system had failed.

Tommy M. - Property Manager
I could not believe how professional the technician was and how much pride he took in his job.

Terry M. - Property Manager
During a boiler inspection, the State Inspector stated that he was impressed with the condition and maintenance of our 1959 steam boilers, when I told him who was maintaining them, the State Inspector replied that B & W had an outstanding reputation in the industry. Thank you for your team and for your excellent service.

Reggie T. - Property Manager
Outstanding service yesterday Mike and Danny are the truly some of the best techs.

We have changed our HVAC service provider in the past but the quality of service and the dependability was not always there, that is why we chose B & W. We appreciate your guys.

Deveron H. - Purchasing Coordinator