handAs a premier Mechanical Service provider for more than 45 years, B&W Mechanical Contractors Inc. recognizes three major concerns that customers endure with the delivery and management within Mechanical Services.

  • Frequently, a client’s experience with the field service technician is often limited to the physical labor that is involved with a repair and that the critical information that a technician discovers and records leaves with them, and is not always communicated back to the client effectively.
  • B&W Mechanical acknowledges that all too often, clients cannot truly quantify the full value that their mechanical service provider offers through their routine maintenance services.
  • Last but certainly not least, most clients are unable to determine a tangible difference between multiple mechanical contractors service delivery.

B&W Mechanical successfully addresses these concerns with our Field Service Management program. Our Field Service Management program provides our clients with specific and measurable information that our clients agree, separates our services from every other service provider in our industry.

Our Field Service Management program is available to our clients through a login secured web-based portal and is searchable by property, individual equipment or specified time period.



Some of our FSM program benefits are:

Billings and Costs

B & W Mechanical’s clients can see just how much each piece of mechanical equipment costs to operate and maintain. This gives them the ability to analyze and track how and where their money is spent. Our clients can make confident decisions that can positively impact their business and reduce wasted spending. Giving our clients easy access to this information helps them to see at a glance, where their money is being spent and how to accurately forecast for budgets and projects that will enhance their business’ performance.

Technician Field Reports

Instant and real time access to the Technician’s Field report provides our clients with the knowledge of what the technician discovered and completed during their inspection or repair. These reports provide our clients with informative and relevant facts to enhance their understanding of what repairs were made and why. B & W Mechanical’s technicians use their mobile device to capture pictures and input important data that our customers can access to enhance their understanding and assist them to better communicate this information to their own team.

Service History

This information provides B & W Mechanicals clients with specific history and trends to better inform them of reliability, life cycle and dependability of each piece of equipment at their properties. This data is also useful for determining if a specific piece of equipment should be replaced or repaired, eliminating wasteful spending.

Proposals and Recommendations

B &W Mechanical’s clients have immediate access to all proposals and recommendations, by their service technician or account manager. Clients can make requests for proposals and track response, approve and schedule proposals as well as track status and progress on any approved projects.

B & W Mechanical’s Field Service Management program insures accurate and timely communication, information sharing and historical access between our field technicians, our management staff and you. Just another way that B & W Mechanical uses technology to enhance our service value.